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Island of the Gas Masks

Southeast of Japan, Miyake-jima is an island nestled comfortably in the Izu group. The Izu group is made up of 17 islands, including Miyake-jima. All of them are volcanic, with nine of them being inhabited by humans. One of these … Continue reading

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Sable Island

Sable Island is the Island of the Horses. Wild horses.   Finally, I’m able to integrate a song into a post. I feel accomplished, like some large burden has been lifted and I can finally focus on what truly matters: … Continue reading

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Cannibal Island!!!

About 1,500 miles northeast of Moscow, you’ll find an island called Nazino. But after the calamity that occurred in 1933, it will forever be known as Cannibal Island. During Stalin’s reign of terror, he created “special settlements” in which criminals, … Continue reading

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St. Thomas

St. Thomas is one of the three U.S. Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean. Even though it is only 32 square miles, there are many things to do. St. Thomas, like the other Virgin Islands, is a popular destination for Caribbean … Continue reading

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Native birds in New Zealand

  New Zealand is a beautiful island/ country.  Here are some animals that you only can see there. Kiwi The kiwi is a nocturnal, flightless bird that lives on the forest floor. The kiwi are the only bird to have … Continue reading

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The Doomsday Seed Vault

High above the Arctic Circle on a Norwegian island is a special place in which seeds are kept as a safeguard of world wide loss of crops and climate change.  In the Svalbard archipelago there is a huge vault carved … Continue reading

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Long Island Living

We all live here. We know our culture, what our norms are and what everyone has come to understand as a “Long Island thing.” It is interesting to take ourselves into perspective and really  observe the culture of our own … Continue reading

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The Rockall Dispute

  Ever heard of an Island called Rockall, probably not, and who would blame you it is a tiny uninhabitable rock in the Atlantic, no one lives there and life cannot be sustained there except for clams. Its approx. 56 … Continue reading

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Pico in the Azores

What story do these images tell us of this island chain in the middle of the Atlantic?

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Lovegrove explains that this Mingulay Boat song has nothing particularly to do with Mingulay.  But this island captures the tenuous relationship between humans and nature. Out at the end of the Outer Hebrides Islands, Mingulay reveals the abundance of wild … Continue reading

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