Cannibal Island!!!

nazino island

About 1,500 miles northeast of Moscow, you’ll find an island called Nazino. But after the calamity that occurred in 1933, it will forever be known as Cannibal Island. During Stalin’s reign of terror, he created “special settlements” in which criminals, unemployed people and those without proper paperwork were sent. Of course those were not the only people thrown on the island. Innocent children and pregnant ladies were forced to go too. Around 6,000 people were sent there but only a third came off the island. Now, what happened to the rest?

These unlucky souls were dumped on the island with nothing but each other. No drinking water, no shelter, no tools, absolutely nothing but some raw flour that was dumped on the beach. The first night temperatures dropped below zero and some died from exposure to the cold. But mainly, it was a game of starvation, a Hunger Games-like situation. Those who drank the contaminated water got dysentery which is an infection of the intestines. Those who tried to escape the island were shot and killed by the guards. If you ask me, getting shot by the guards seems to be the least painful death compared to what ensued on the island.

A few days in, the cannibals came out to play. They tore one another apart, limb by limb, aiming for the tenderest parts of the body. The victims remained alive until they died of blood loss or their head was ripped off. Keep in mind they had no tools, so this massacre happened with bare hands. The fields were soon covered in corpses and flesh was draped over tree branches.

As this was going on, Soviets continued dumping people on the island, knowing very well what their fate looked like. On the bright side, the “program” only lasted a month and the remaining survivors were removed from the island.

Here is a Youtube video I found regarding the events.

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