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Hashima Island

Hashima is a small island off the coast of Japan that was originally inhabited because of the discovery of coal on and beneath the island. It was once considered to be one of the most densely populated places on the … Continue reading

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The meaning of islands

In our tour around the twenty islands in Roger Lovegrove’s book Islands we have visited far flung regions of the globe.  In addition to simply learning about many obscure and beautiful (or not-so-beautiful) places we have asked ourselves why islands … Continue reading

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Solovetski Islands

The Solovetsky archipelago is a group of islands shrouded in a deep and rich history, completely tied to its closeness to Russia. Located in the White Sea in Northern Europe, these islands are far-flung and hard to reach; yet this … Continue reading

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  Yes! The Never Never Neverland from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie! It was definitely the place where I wanted to explore when I was young. But where is Neverland? (Let’s pretend we believe it really exists)  That’s the answer I have … Continue reading

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Books Inspired by Islands

Believe it or not, we learn a lot from fictional novels. The facts may not be realistically true, but the emotional lessons are just as strong. Fictional characters can bring a whole new perspective to topics we persistently thought only … Continue reading

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