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Interesting Animals of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago found in the Pacific Ocean roughly 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador.  These islands are known as one of the ideal travel destinations for wildlife enthusiasts due to the diverse animal and plant … Continue reading

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The San Blas Islands

The San Blas islands is a chain of 378 islands spread over 100 square miles. It is located northwest of Panama, facing the Caribbean Sea. The tropical climate, turquoise water and sandy beaches make these islands one of the most … Continue reading

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The Island of Mauritius

(Pronounced as mawr-RIH-Shuhs) Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Although it does not have its own chapter, Mauritius is still mentioned in the book we are currently reading in class. You can find more information in … Continue reading

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