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Wallace and Darwin

David Quammen sets up a kind of scientific adventure story: the race between two men to explain the origin of species and how species vary so dramatically around the world.  Islands feature prominently in the story as the laboratories in … Continue reading

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Hashima Island

Hashima is a small island off the coast of Japan that was originally inhabited because of the discovery of coal on and beneath the island. It was once considered to be one of the most densely populated places on the … Continue reading

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Falkland Islands

Located in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf is a an archipelago that has caused a lot of controversy.  Welcome to the Falkland Islands, which have been claimed by France, Britain, Spain and Argentina in its brief 500 year history. However, the biggest … Continue reading

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The meaning of islands

In our tour around the twenty islands in Roger Lovegrove’s book Islands we have visited far flung regions of the globe.  In addition to simply learning about many obscure and beautiful (or not-so-beautiful) places we have asked ourselves why islands … Continue reading

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South Georgia

  Overview           Larger than most of the islands we have looked at so far and also the most southern, South Georgia has a human history that started later compared to some of the other ice-covered … Continue reading

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Solovetski Islands

The Solovetsky archipelago is a group of islands shrouded in a deep and rich history, completely tied to its closeness to Russia. Located in the White Sea in Northern Europe, these islands are far-flung and hard to reach; yet this … Continue reading

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  Yes! The Never Never Neverland from Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie! It was definitely the place where I wanted to explore when I was young. But where is Neverland? (Let’s pretend we believe it really exists)  That’s the answer I have … Continue reading

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Extreme Islands

While we tend to think of balmy tropical islands when we ponder “island” we also have encountered islands on the margins: of the globe (OK- a sphere, I know, but stick with this for a moment”) and of human experience. … Continue reading

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Cannibal Island!!!

About 1,500 miles northeast of Moscow, you’ll find an island called Nazino. But after the calamity that occurred in 1933, it will forever be known as Cannibal Island. During Stalin’s reign of terror, he created “special settlements” in which criminals, … Continue reading

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Native birds in New Zealand

  New Zealand is a beautiful island/ country.  Here are some animals that you only can see there. Kiwi The kiwi is a nocturnal, flightless bird that lives on the forest floor. The kiwi are the only bird to have … Continue reading

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