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Magic in Iceland!

Are fantasies and realities like oil and vinegar; they can be together but never fully mixed? Or are they more like sweet honey in warm tea? I vote for the latter option and so do the Icelanders. What’s life without … Continue reading

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Amanda’s Twist Ending to Hippolyte’s Island!!!

My reaction to _Hippolyte’s_Island_ I liked the mysterious question Barbara Hodgson poses: are the Auroras real? The airplane that flew over reported that Hippolyte was in the boat, but he claims that he was on land. So which is it? … Continue reading

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Hippolyte in Greek Mythology

You’ve probably been wondering who Hippolyte is and what the significance of the name is. Why didn’t Hodgson call her main character Henry or something? The name Hippolyte dates back to greek mythology. Could the author be referencing this or … Continue reading

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The Alien Beauty of Socotra

Have you ever seen this photo online and wondered if it was real or photoshopped? Believe it or not, this tree actually exists on Earth, despite it looking like a sci-fi movie prop. You’ll only find it on the plateaus … Continue reading

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Solovetski Islands

The Solovetsky archipelago is a group of islands shrouded in a deep and rich history, completely tied to its closeness to Russia. Located in the White Sea in Northern Europe, these islands are far-flung and hard to reach; yet this … Continue reading

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Cannibal Island!!!

About 1,500 miles northeast of Moscow, you’ll find an island called Nazino. But after the calamity that occurred in 1933, it will forever be known as Cannibal Island. During Stalin’s reign of terror, he created “special settlements” in which criminals, … Continue reading

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Jan Mayen Vacation Tips!

You’ll find this wondrous location southeast of Greenland. Unlike Greenland, no one lives there or likes it. Anyone who does stay here is usually forced to out of sheer obligation and nationalism. It is completely monochrome, which means there are … Continue reading

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The Island of Mauritius

(Pronounced as mawr-RIH-Shuhs) Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Although it does not have its own chapter, Mauritius is still mentioned in the book we are currently reading in class. You can find more information in … Continue reading

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Books Inspired by Islands

Believe it or not, we learn a lot from fictional novels. The facts may not be realistically true, but the emotional lessons are just as strong. Fictional characters can bring a whole new perspective to topics we persistently thought only … Continue reading

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