Amanda’s Twist Ending to Hippolyte’s Island!!!

My reaction to _Hippolyte’s_Island_

I liked the mysterious question Barbara Hodgson poses: are the Auroras real? The airplane that flew over reported that Hippolyte was in the boat, but he claims that he was on land. So which is it? Was it all just an illusion? A “see what you want to see” sort of situation? But then how do you explain the other explorers that have claimed to see it? Personally, I believe this is some sort of Bermuda triangle theory. Legend says that whoever sails there will disappear. But there’s some science behind that case. The wind clashes with another jet stream and the current goes up, thereby trapping the boat. Maybe there is some kind of phenomena with the Auroras. Perhaps the angle of the sun and the clouds create a blind spot.

What are Amanda’s posts good for without a twist?

The original ending was okay, I liked the character development, but there was no x-factor. The entire plot was just a flat line. I would have liked to have been surprised or felt emotion towards some parts. (Excluding the fact that I thought Hippolyte was an unlikeable character and was just creepy when it came to flirting with Marie.) Personally, if I was Barbara Hodgson I would have killed off Hippolyte when he embarked on his journey to the Auroras. He was a careless fellow who barely knew how to sail so his death wouldn’t have been so surprising to his friends. To honor his memory, Marie would continue to write and edit his book with the help of Jeremey. Then, towards the end, Hippolyte would miraculously wind up at their door with his unnecessary luggage and boxes of his specimen. Everyone would appreciate him (maybe even the reader) and he would contribute to the book. But of course, Marie doesn’t believe Hippolyte’s entire story so they take a field trip together to check it out. During their journey, he convinces her that the island is real but they never end up finding it again. THE END!

This is how I envisioned Hippolyte…

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