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Falkland Islands

Located in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf is a an archipelago that has caused a lot of controversy.  Welcome to the Falkland Islands, which have been claimed by France, Britain, Spain and Argentina in its brief 500 year history. However, the biggest … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Hawaii

  Hawaii is not paradise. Nowhere with humans is paradise. A paradise is, to me, a place of perfection. Humans are not perfect. Therefore, Hawaii cannot be a paradise. If further proof is required, one may only look at their … Continue reading

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Macau comprises Macau Peninsula, Taipa island and Coloane island. Coloane has an area of 3 square miles and a length of 2 miles. Taipa has an area of 2.44 square miles. These two islands were originally connected by Estrada do Istmo, … Continue reading

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The Haunted Island of Poveglia

In the South Lagoon in Venice, Italy lies what some consider one of the most haunted places in the world.  Poveglia Island, also known as the “Island of Madness,” was abandoned for centuries until the Black Plague spread to Venice.  … Continue reading

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The meaning of islands

In our tour around the twenty islands in Roger Lovegrove’s book Islands we have visited far flung regions of the globe.  In addition to simply learning about many obscure and beautiful (or not-so-beautiful) places we have asked ourselves why islands … Continue reading

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Talent where its least expected Curacao, pronounced (cure -a -sow) is a tiny Dutch island around 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, and is around double the size of Brooklyn and a population of around 150,000, which is … Continue reading

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The Alien Beauty of Socotra

Have you ever seen this photo online and wondered if it was real or photoshopped? Believe it or not, this tree actually exists on Earth, despite it looking like a sci-fi movie prop. You’ll only find it on the plateaus … Continue reading

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The Man-Made Island of Dubai

The Island of Palm Jumeirah is located off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. Its construction began in 2001 ad its first residential dwellings were introduced in 2006. By 2007, over 500 families lived on the island. The island consists of 16 … Continue reading

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*Spoiler Alert*   Many of us think of tropical islands as paradise–the perfect place to escape to and relax. Would you feel the same way if you were stranded? Zemeckis’ film, Castaway, suggests not. Released in 2000, Castaway tells the … Continue reading

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St Kilda

St Kilda is an archipelago of 4 small cliff-bound islands named Hirta, Soay, Dun, and Boreray. It was privately owned for many generations by the MacLeod family. There wasn’t much wildlife on the island besides the seabirds on top of … Continue reading

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