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Easter Island’s Statues

The statues of Easter Island are definitely the most easily recognizable thing about the island to most people. These stone monoliths have transfixed many scientists ever since they were first encountered by Europeans thousands of years ago. What they were … Continue reading

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Character Study

Hippolyte’s Island is a novel built upon character analysis. Our lead spends most of the book speaking introspectively, to himself, inside his own head. Out on the open sea, the silence and the ambient sounds of Earth’s biology is enough … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Hawaii

  Hawaii is not paradise. Nowhere with humans is paradise. A paradise is, to me, a place of perfection. Humans are not perfect. Therefore, Hawaii cannot be a paradise. If further proof is required, one may only look at their … Continue reading

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Island of the Gas Masks

Southeast of Japan, Miyake-jima is an island nestled comfortably in the Izu group. The Izu group is made up of 17 islands, including Miyake-jima. All of them are volcanic, with nine of them being inhabited by humans. One of these … Continue reading

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Sable Island

Sable Island is the Island of the Horses. Wild horses.   Finally, I’m able to integrate a song into a post. I feel accomplished, like some large burden has been lifted and I can finally focus on what truly matters: … Continue reading

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The Island of the Dolls

Have you ever wanted to live on an island covered in dolls, of which most are probably haunted with the souls of the now dead? If so, I have a few questions. First off, why? Secondly, why? Anyway, this island is pretty terrifying. … Continue reading

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The Failed Lost Colony of Roanoke Island

Life in the sixteenth century was horrendous. There were some good points, sure, like Michelangelo’s David sculpture, completed in 1504. Sadly, things went downhill shortly after David’s completion. One of the worst things to happen in the 1500’s, aside from … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Bikini Atoll but Were Too Afraid to Ask

What is Bikini Atoll? That’s a good question. A very long and complicated good question. Bikini Atoll is just one of about 29 atolls and 5 islands that comprise the Marshall Islands, or, as they’d like to be known as, … Continue reading

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