Sable Island

Sable Island is the Island of the Horses. Wild horses.


Finally, I’m able to integrate a song into a post. I feel accomplished, like some large burden has been lifted and I can finally focus on what truly matters: the horses.

This island is off the coast of Nova Scotia, and it’s not exactly a place suitable for horses. It’s cradled in a sweet little spot aptly named the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Oh, that’s nice. With a name like that, how are there not more tourists frolicking along with Seabiscuit?

What makes this island so special? Well, other than the fact that horses live and thrive on it, which is weird enough, it’s how they’re able to live there that’s interesting.

There are no trees,¬†just grasses and rainwater. The majority of the islands is sandbars as well, so how are these horses able to survive and multiply? Either they’re very patient and take turns or there’s something else strange happening with their behavior.

The island is home to over 400 horses, with the first originating from shipwrecks where their owners leave them behind or die on the island.

Though there has never been any permanent human settlers on the island, there have been shipwrecked sailors, transported convicts, pirates and wreckers. A cast of colorful characters, as you can see.

Canada integrated it into their collection of national parks in 2013, number 43.


Classic example of a Sable Island temporary settler.

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