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Solovetski Islands

The Solovetsky archipelago is a group of islands shrouded in a deep and rich history, completely tied to its closeness to Russia. Located in the White Sea in Northern Europe, these islands are far-flung and hard to reach; yet this … Continue reading

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Extreme Islands

While we tend to think of balmy tropical islands when we ponder “island” we also have encountered islands on the margins: of the globe (OK- a sphere, I know, but stick with this for a moment”) and of human experience. … Continue reading

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Cannibal Island!!!

About 1,500 miles northeast of Moscow, you’ll find an island called Nazino. But after the calamity that occurred in 1933, it will forever be known as Cannibal Island. During Stalin’s reign of terror, he created “special settlements” in which criminals, … Continue reading

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Jan Mayen Vacation Tips!

You’ll find this wondrous location southeast of Greenland. Unlike Greenland, no one lives there or likes it. Anyone who does stay here is usually forced to out of sheer obligation and nationalism. It is completely monochrome, which means there are … Continue reading

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