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Extreme Islands

While we tend to think of balmy tropical islands when we ponder “island” we also have encountered islands on the margins: of the globe (OK- a sphere, I know, but stick with this for a moment”) and of human experience. … Continue reading

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Chinijo Archipelago: a tourism dilemma

Our text introduces us to these off islands which are part of the chain of Canary Islands. ┬áThe main islands of Tenerife and Grand Canary are popular tourist destinations for Europeans, although not for Americans given their distance from our … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Bikini Atoll but Were Too Afraid to Ask

What is Bikini Atoll? That’s a good question. A very long and complicated good question. Bikini Atoll is just one of about 29 atolls and 5 islands that comprise the Marshall Islands, or, as they’d like to be known as, … Continue reading

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Running on Island Time

When we go on vacation to islands, we adjust to the lifestyle of the people who live there normally. In most┬áplaces, we find it necessary to slow ourselves down and relax and take it easy while we have the opportunity … Continue reading

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