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We all live here. We know our culture, what our norms are and what everyone has come to understand as a “Long Island thing.” It is interesting to take ourselves into perspective and really  observe the culture of our own island.


Montauk Point Lighthouse

1.) We forget we’re an island. We are not a small island where we can see all of our beautiful beaches and borders from wherever we are on the island.  Long Island has an area of 1400 square feet, so it’s no wonder that we can’t see completely around the island at all times.


2.) When we go anywhere out of state, no one knows where we are from. When we say Long Island, we have to explain that we are actually a part of New York, not the city like everyone automatically assumes either. From personal experience, I know that people find it very interesting when I tell them I’m from New York but are very confused when I say I live on Long Island.


3.) Our accents. You know it’s bad when you can pick up on your own accent while reading something, and it’s even worse when your friends make fun of the way you say certain words. For instance, if I put the word “coffee” here, I’m sure most of you Long Islanders would read “caw-fee.” However, anyone out of state may ask you to repeat that, considering it may be entertaining for them to here.


4.) Our beautiful beaches. Beach days are never complete without watching the sunset and taking your arsty Instagram picture of #LongIslandSunsets.





5.) Our ability to pronounce tribal names with ease because of the places we grew up. Many of us know the proper way to pronounce Quogue, Ronkonkoma, Massapequa, Hauppauge and Patchogue; however, what may seem normal to pronounce here is not as common elsewhere.

Quogue Sign

For non-native LI-ers, pronounced “kwag”



6.) You know that heading west on the LIE on a Sunday night is the biggest mistake you can make due to the ridiculous amounts of Hamptons traffic. And you also know that it’s called the LIE, not I-495.

West bound Long Island Expressway is one of the most congested highway in New York City located in Queens, New York on Monday, March 7, 2011. Original Filename: _H4G0748.jpg

Westbound traffic heading back towards NYC

7.) Our famous iced tea! Although we are not the typical Southern sweet tea, Long Island has become very popular for it’s mixed iced tea drinks. Not only is there the original Long Island iced tea, but there is also a blue iced tea for those who like to try something new.


Blue Long Island Iced Tea


Long Island Iced Tea

8.) There is an immense amount of history that has taken place here on Long Island, as we were a part of the original 13 colonies in New York and we have had European settlement here dating back to the 1600s. Prior to Europeans arriving here, we had Native American tribes spread across the island, which is why we can still find many reservations around the island.


Old fashioned Oyster Bay home

9.) Bagels! We love our bagels and we know that we have the best ones around. No matter which town you are from here on LI, I’m sure you know have at least one bagel place that you love to go to. Besides, there are so many kinds who doesn’t love bagels? Also, many like to make their bagels slightly more gorrmet by making it with eggs, cheese and bacon rather than the traditional cream cheese or butter.

bagels960 thumb_600

10.) Billy Joel has had a large influence on the lives of Long Islanders. From performing at the last show at Shea Stadium in the “Shea Goodbye” concert to getting the last performance at the Nassau Coliseum, this Oyster Bay local is the pride and joy of the LI community and his music remains a large part of our culture to this day.


Billy Joel at Shea Goodbye


The Piano Man, himself

11.) Long Island Medium. We all know Theresa Caputo does not put out an accurate representation of an average Long Island woman, but she is yet another pop culture figure that Long Island has gained popularity for. Although I personally have not seen her, she can be spotted gallivanting around Long Island doing psychic readings.


Theresa Caputo, “Long Island Medium”

12.) The advantage of the Long Island Railroad, or the LI-double R as the locals call it, to get you back and forth from New York City, also just known as “The City,” is something many commuters use rather than driving through rush hour traffic to get to work every day. On the humorous side, the last train of the night on the LIRR has acquired the nickname “The Drunk Train” because of the types of commuters that can be found on the train at that hour. Many people are stumbling their way home after a long night in NYC clubs or bars.



13.) Last but not least, the amount of entertainment on Long Island is incredible. Anything you could think of doing is right here. Long Island is lucky enough to be an island where all four seasons are experienced each year, giving various opportunities for activities year round. In the Spring time, you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery coming back to life and visit the Big Duck or visit one of the many lighthouses out on the East End. In the Summer, many people make their way out to the Hamptons or to Montauk to visit the beaches, wineries or simply to shop, or they find themselves at one of our amusement parks, either Adventureland or Splish Splash. In the Fall, many take advantage of the ability to go fruit and pumpkin picking and go on spook walks. Although most of us may find ourselves indoors on those cold winter days, there is the possibility of sledding or ice skating in Port Jefferson at the Rinx.


Pumpkin Picking


Ice Skating at the Rinx


Summer Fun in the Hamptons


Long Island’s Waterpark, Splish Splash


Many of us grew up making memories here at Adventureland


Spring Fun on Long Island, NY. – About.com

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