Hippolyte’s Island

Although at first I did not like Hippolyte’s character in the novel I’m glad that he was able to change and could find someone who accepts his traveling. In the beginning of the novel, he became attached to Margarita because he felt she was very similar to him and shared his passion for travel, but what he really needed were people like Jeremy and Marie to compliment his extreme personality. It took Marie longer, but they were able to accept his quirkiness and didn’t give up on him. After all those years of not being in contact Jeremy still put his faith into his friend, and possibly his job on the line, because he believed in Hippolyte and still trusted his childhood best friend. I was glad he realized that he shouldn’t just be alone and that it’s important to stay in contact with those close to you, like Jeremy. Jeremy and Marie were able to bring out the best in him and make him try harder for his discoveries to be accepted and that he needed to learn to compromise. They always tried their best to help prove the islands existed even when Marie doubted him. He was able to bring out the best in them as well. He brought out the brave side of Jeremy and made Marie realize she should open up to people. I’m glad they were able to find proof that the Auroras existed that matched Hippolyte’s experiences of the ground evaporating and the island disappearing. It’s too bad Marie couldn’t have believed in Hippolyte as much as Jeremy without other sources to back up his discovery. Overall I liked the book, but I would have liked to hear more about Hippolyte’s journey to the Auroras or have it end in his perspective while he traveled there for the second time.

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