Hippolyte’s Island Ehh or Neh?

So after finishing the “wonderful” novel that is Hippolyte’s Island I can honestly say that I have read better. I felt that overall the 4 parts of the book while they did connect somewhat they were loosely held together by mainly just the characters themselves and not so much the plot itself. I personally felt that the story should have mainly focused on Hippolyte and his adventures to find the Auroras more because after Part 2 that part of the story was over and done with which was kind of a bummer. Also, Hippolyte was a very interesting main character but I wish the author gave us something more to like about him instead of making him seem so creepy. After that we meet the overworked editor Marie who very much reminds me of Sandra Bullock’s character in “The Proposal”. She becomes the main focus for the rest of the book which at first was an interesting point to have I ultimately thought it dragged on for a little to long. I understand the transition that she goes through and she learns that life can be and adventure but she also struck me as very plain and annoying at the same time. The random points of tension between Hippolyte and Marie that occurred throughout also stuck out to me as a bit odd on one hand it showed that they did have some connection and emotions but the author never went anywhere with it so by the end of the novel it felt awkward being there.  Although I may have just ripped the book to shreds I didn’t completely hate it the whole idea of adventure and going against the grain because your passionate about something was a very cool theme to have in a book. I also did appreciate the really cool illustrations that were included through out because they were very detailed and added a layer of authenticity to the book as a whole.

How I picture the characters:

Hippolyte:                                                             Marie:


Peter Givens (hat and necklace included):



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