Hippolyte’s Island was an interesting book. I enjoyed the way the author made the book multifaceted, using different methods of telling the story throughout the sections. The authors choice to begin telling the story told from Hippolyte’s point of view in section one, and then switching over to a log entry based method of telling the story in section two captured my attention. I enjoyed having the storyline presented to me in multiple ways and thought it added another dimension to the story.

I enjoyed the way characters were introduced, and how the author captured Hippolyte’s inner struggles. His battle, of both reaching theĀ Auroras and later convincing Marie that he actually took the trip were well depicted throughout the novel.

I do not think I would enjoy being friends with Hippolyte. He seems like a poor person to have as a friend. Throughout the novel he really only interacts with people who he considers his ‘friends’ when he needs something from them, or it is convenient for him to do so. I feel he would not be a good person to rely on and have as a friend because he is all about him. The only really showing of caring and compassion he shows in the novel is towards the receptionist, Janis. Even here though he could possibly be befriending her only because he may need her for something down the line. Whether Hippolyte does this intentionally or not I am not sure, however, I feel the strongest example of how he treats his friends is Jeremy. Hippolyte pushed Jeremy away and didn’t even remain in contact with his childhood best friend. It is seemingly a case of out of sight out of mind with Hippolyte, as he doesn’t go the extra mile to maintain relationships with people even those closest to him.

I personally did not enjoy the ending of this book. I did not like that the author left so many open ends as to the final outcome and I felt it really lacked closure as to what will happen. I am not sure how I would have done the ending differently, but I personally did not care for the authors stylistic choice in the ending.


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