Hippolyte’s Island

Overall the story was decent, at least a lot better than the previous book we read, even though the theme of islands, in my opinion, was not greatly explored in the book. I believed that the actual story of trying to get the book published and all that came along with that, like Marie loosening up from her usually up tight self, was more interesting them him actually going out and discovering the island. I feel as if the author put more effort into the plot of what came after he left the island than actually what happened before. This book is still a decent read because it does get you to sympathize with the characters through personal letters, maps, notes, and many other pictures.

The main character, Hippolyte, is very odd to say the least. We get to see many versions of him including one that is intelligent, childish, free spirited, and a womanizer. It’s very hard to actually come to grasp what Hippolyte personality really is because he is so sporadic all the time. This makes it hard to actually come to like Hippolyte, at least to a full extent, because there are so many aspects to his personality that you can’t possibly like all of them, due to the fact that some of these personality traits do conflict with each other. All though this may be true, what is also true is that we all have to have at least one character trait that we like because Hippolyte does have a wide array of these.

When I think about what Hippolyte would look like in real life, I think about Dr. Brown from Back To The Future. downloadDr. Brown has almost the same personality as Hippolyte, he is very sporadic at times also. Inclusively, he is intelligent and a womanizer with Hippolyte is as well. He also gets lost in his work in a way that, at time detaches him from society just like Hippolyte. Overall, Dr. Brown besides being a physical depiction of Hippolyte, he also embodies the inner traits of Hippolyte as well.

Another very important character in the book, Marie, is perfectly embodied by Sandra Bullock when she played a lead role in the movie The Proposal. Sandra BullockOn Film Set for "The Proposal"Lower Manhattan,  NYC 06/06/08 Sandra Bullock is the exact same person as Marie. She shows the same personality traits as Marie.

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