A Reaction to the Erratic Life of Hippolyte Webb

Hippolyte is a man with big goals in life. He is also crazy enough to achieve those goals no matter who getsĀ in his way or tries to talk him down. I think that is quality that more people should have and one that should be admired. Having the guts to go after what you want in life and not letting anyone affect you or knock you down is something I certainly with I had.

The ending of the book was frustrating. However, I believe that Marie did in fact join Hippolyte on a second journey to the Auroras. Her character starts out as a very uptight, extremely professional business woman but after working and spending time with Hippolyte, she becomes a different person. She becomes less of a conventional business woman and more of a Hippolyte. Her demeanor has changed in that she is less intimidating. She has become a person more like Hippolyte who is crazy enough to take risks.

Hippolytes first voyage to the Auroras

Hippolyte on his first voyage to the Auroras

Hippolyte and Marie on the Auroras

Hippolyte and Marie on one of the Aurora Islands (Ignore the bush because there was no tress or bushes on the islands)


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