Hippolyte Island

In the book, Hippolyte at first seems to be a harsh, disgusting, and a person no one would want to get along with. He only uses people to get something he wants and after that he throws them to the side. For example, when he sends a letter to Jeremy, he asks for money so he can go on a trip to the Auroras. When Jeremy sends him a letter back, Hippolyte seems to care very little of what Jeremy had to say; he was only interested in the money that was supposed to be in the letter. Throughout the book he seems to only do tings that benefit himself and not so much about the people around him. However after his book is dropped he seems to be upset, that he caused trouble to Jeremy and Marie so it could be possible that Hippolyte is slowly changing but it is still unclear to me.

Finally what does Hippolyte look like….

If you get the reference I’ll love you forever…

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