Hippolyte’s Island

This story, that was written by Barbara Hodgson, explored the daring life of a man named Hippolyte. His is not the most personable fellow but he surely showed heart and determination toward his goal. Hippolyte is a man of an old soul, he chooses to use dated technology and, frankly, it stubborn toward new inventions. Once Hippolyte decides that he wants to discover the Aurora islands, he is on a one track mind to get everything he can in preparation for his adventure. Even though he decides to go make an astonishing discovery, Hippolyte doesn’t even know how to sail at this point. He doesn’t know how to live on the water at all. His daring attitude and blind determination is fascinating but simply idiotic from an outside perspective. His attitude toward human connection, besides the fact that he is magically charming, seems rude and selfish. To continue, once Hippolyte reaches the Auroras, amazingly, he wastes the film he has and reverts to drawing all of the animals he finds, which i think is just ridiculous. As you can see i applaud his discovery but i do not like Hippolyte or his attitude.

But on top of all that, what does this man look like? I’m picturing someone that looks partially crazy to be blunt. Hodgson mentions how he doesn’t shower for weeks at a time mostly because he doesn’t care. I imagine him to dress like a slob, smell awful, and an untrimmed beard to top it off. Almost like a “Cast Away” feeling but not as drastic sorry Tom Hanks.


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