After spending weeks with Hippolyte and his book, I am still not fond of him. In the beginning of the book, he is presented as a very intelligent but also very messy person. There are papers and newspapers everywhere in his room. It is an unpleasant sight. I also think that a person ‘s room can reflect his or her personality. Hippolyte’s room certainly tells something about himself.

He also acts very strangely around women, especially the ones he likes. After the sailing class, he follows the instructor home. I think that is very strange! I understand that later he really wants to invite her to go on this trip with him, but I think he scared the woman away before he gets a chance to ask. In Marie’s apartment, his behavior is very rude. He starts to look through her draws and closet, and give out his opinion on her outfits. He needs some manners at people’s apartment. I also think his imagination about Marie is silly. She certainly didn’t show any signs of interest in him.

However, I admire his bravery, intelligence, and independence. I like the way he travels. Pick a destination, do research, prepare for the trip, and just go. He doesn’t hesitate, once he made his decision, he will do it. He is brave because he dares to sail out to find the Auroras by himself as an inexperienced sailor. For the situations he goes through, I think this is a successful adventure. One thing I think makes Hippolyte special is that he contributes his life to the things he likes, which is traveling. Certainly he lost many things in return, and many people would not consider him as a successful person, but he is a happy person. He does what he likes the most. I think there is a reason the author puts Hippolyte and Marie together. Readers can compare this two personalities and decide which one they would prefer.

This is what I find looks like Hippolyte,




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