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Interesting Animals of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago found in the Pacific Ocean roughly 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador.  These islands are known as one of the ideal travel destinations for wildlife enthusiasts due to the diverse animal and plant … Continue reading

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The San Blas Islands

The San Blas islands is a chain of 378 islands spread over 100 square miles. It is located northwest of Panama, facing the Caribbean Sea. The tropical climate, turquoise water and sandy beaches make these islands one of the most … Continue reading

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Fernando de Noronha

The Fernando de Noronha archipelago is the perfect vacation spot for everyone with its turquoise seas and golden yellow cliffs.  Made up of a main island and twenty satellite islets, it’s located 150 miles from the Brazilian mainland in the … Continue reading

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The island of Mykines is a great destination for anyone who wants a fresh Island experience. It is the western most island of the Faroe Island group and has a small population of exactly 11 people in 2004, that exists on … Continue reading

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A little bit of everything you need to know about Guam

Guam is an island in the Pacific Ocean near Australia and has an area of about 212 square miles. The highest point in Guam is Mount Lamlam at an elevation of 1,334 feet (407 meters). The terrain of Guam consists … Continue reading

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Ascension Island

Ascension Island is a remote island only 35.14 square miles in land area. It is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 1,000 miles away from all surrounding continents. It was first seen in 1501 by the Portuguese but … Continue reading

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Jan Mayen Vacation Tips!

You’ll find this wondrous location southeast of Greenland. Unlike Greenland, no one lives there or likes it. Anyone who does stay here is usually forced to out of sheer obligation and nationalism. It is completely monochrome, which means there are … Continue reading

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Ireland the Isle of Alcohol.

  Ireland the land of green fields, music, and of course beer. But do the Irish really drink a lot as some people say or is it just overstated? Also does the influence of alcohol make it easy for teens to … Continue reading

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The Island of the Dolls

Have you ever wanted to live on an island covered in dolls, of which most are probably haunted with the souls of the now dead? If so, I have a few questions. First off, why? Secondly, why? Anyway, this island is pretty terrifying. … Continue reading

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The Island of Mauritius

(Pronounced as mawr-RIH-Shuhs) Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Although it does not have its own chapter, Mauritius is still mentioned in the book we are currently reading in class. You can find more information in … Continue reading

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