Valley of the Butterflies

Of course Greece is known for its long history and beautiful beaches, but there is one thing that stands out on the Island of Rhodes: the Valley of the Butterflies.  “Petaloúdes” has the only natural forest of oriental Sweetgum trees in Europe, which attract the butterflies with their sweet scent.  The valley leads past small pools and over wooden bridges that cross the River Pelekanas ending in a small waterfall.

Butterfly Valley

The rare Jersey Tiger Moths cover the Sweetgum trees during the month of May to rest and conserve energy because they cannot eat during this time.  These butterflies camouflage well, but when they fly they are especially beautiful because of their bright red overwings.  This has become one of the most popular tourist attractions during the summer months which has become a problem for the population of the butterflies.  They are extremely sensitive to sound so when tourists try to disturb them for pictures, they will often spend the whole day flying around and losing energy.

Sweetgum tree


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