Oak Island Fact or Fiction?


Have you ever wanted to discover a buried treasure for yourself? Well now you can, possibly, on Oak Island. It is located off the southern coast of Novia Scotia and is part of a large group of islands. (about 360) The island is very unassuming from just looking at it because its mostly just covered in trees and not much else but their is so much more to the story underneath the surface (literally)! What I am talking about is the “Money Pit” a hole in the ground that people claim contains lost treasure and such. The legends range from saying its a pirates treasure that was hidden there for safe keeping to it contains the jewels of Marie Antoinette or even William Shakespeare’s manuscripts that would prove that he didn’t write any of his plays. The pit has even attracted the attention of conspiracy theorist who say that the Knights Templar, yes the ones from the Middle Ages, sailed to the island and hid their treasure. This would mean that they discovered America before Columbus and didn’t tell ANYONE. Some people believe in these legends so much that a group was formed that bought the island in 1967. They even had a road put in that connects it to the main land just so they can explore this pit.¬†Oak Island has also gained much attention outside of just treasure hunters and has appeared on both television news and books on various topics about the island. Lets all put our construction hats on and take a trip as a class and get rich quick.

Here is the link to the History Channel with videos on the topic of Oak Island and the Money Pit.



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