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Extreme Islands

While we tend to think of balmy tropical islands when we ponder “island” we also have encountered islands on the margins: of the globe (OK- a sphere, I know, but stick with this for a moment”) and of human experience. … Continue reading

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Chinijo Archipelago: a tourism dilemma

Our text introduces us to these off islands which are part of the chain of Canary Islands.  The main islands of Tenerife and Grand Canary are popular tourist destinations for Europeans, although not for Americans given their distance from our … Continue reading

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Bikini Atoll but Were Too Afraid to Ask

What is Bikini Atoll? That’s a good question. A very long and complicated good question. Bikini Atoll is just one of about 29 atolls and 5 islands that comprise the Marshall Islands, or, as they’d like to be known as, … Continue reading

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Running on Island Time

When we go on vacation to islands, we adjust to the lifestyle of the people who live there normally. In most places, we find it necessary to slow ourselves down and relax and take it easy while we have the opportunity … Continue reading

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