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Chinijo Archipelago: a tourism dilemma

Our text introduces us to these off islands which are part of the chain of Canary Islands.  The main islands of Tenerife and Grand Canary are popular tourist destinations for Europeans, although not for Americans given their distance from our … Continue reading

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Fernando de Naronha

What do spinner dolphins look like? And yet another spectacular recording:    

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Jan Mayen Island

I found this wonderful video on this isolated Arctic island.  

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As you begin your college career, try to find your inner four year old.  You remember–when you asked “Why?” all the time?  Curiosity is the driving engine of creativity and success.  What are you most curious about?  Go ahead, post … Continue reading

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Traveling With An Open Mind – HOLSTEE

While vacations can be a moment to relax and unwind, travel is a time to fully engage, explore and see everything as new, invigorating and possible. Source: Traveling With An Open Mind – HOLSTEE

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What makes an island an island?

In a way our entire planet is an island, floating in the Solar System, our galaxy, the universe.  Our continents have drifted around the globe over millions of years, joining and parting as they ended up in the earth we … Continue reading

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