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How to define an Island?

It may not be as easy as you think?  Atlas Obscura offers some ways to think about islands    

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Beautiful images of an abandoned town

Thanks to Atlas Obscura, I found this powerful images of our presence in the Arctic and what remains when we leave. Islands continue to fascinate.

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Wallace and Darwin

David Quammen sets up a kind of scientific adventure story: the race between two men to explain the origin of species and how species vary so dramatically around the world.  Islands feature prominently in the story as the laboratories in … Continue reading

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The meaning of islands

In our tour around the twenty islands in Roger Lovegrove’s book Islands we have visited far flung regions of the globe.  In addition to simply learning about many obscure and beautiful (or not-so-beautiful) places we have asked ourselves why islands … Continue reading

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Extreme Islands

While we tend to think of balmy tropical islands when we ponder “island” we also have encountered islands on the margins: of the globe (OK- a sphere, I know, but stick with this for a moment”) and of human experience. … Continue reading

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Island of the Colorblind

The recently deceased neurologist and author  Oliver Sacks wrote a fascinating book about an island where the inhabitants are all colorblind.  This video is part of a series on his experiences there.  

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The Doomsday Seed Vault

High above the Arctic Circle on a Norwegian island is a special place in which seeds are kept as a safeguard of world wide loss of crops and climate change.  In the Svalbard archipelago there is a huge vault carved … Continue reading

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Pico in the Azores

What story do these images tell us of this island chain in the middle of the Atlantic?

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Lovegrove explains that this Mingulay Boat song has nothing particularly to do with Mingulay.  But this island captures the tenuous relationship between humans and nature. Out at the end of the Outer Hebrides Islands, Mingulay reveals the abundance of wild … Continue reading

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Chinijo Archipelago: a tourism dilemma

Our text introduces us to these off islands which are part of the chain of Canary Islands.  The main islands of Tenerife and Grand Canary are popular tourist destinations for Europeans, although not for Americans given their distance from our … Continue reading

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